Go Another Click

73.6%of all statistics are made upThe Financial Times published an article by  called “Tim Hartford’s guide to statistics in a misleading age” in which he includes the quote  “go another click” which was the advice of Ed Humpherson, a UK Statistical Regulator.   “Go another click” refers to the advice to go a step further when reading a “fact.” Don’t just take what you see as the truth but do a little research to see where the information came from and if it is accurate. The author proposes simple guidelines to keep in mind when we are reading any type of statistic since it is so easy to be mislead by “facts” as they are often presented to us.

“Be open-minded rather than defensive; to ask simple questions about what things mean, where they come from and whether they would matter if they were true. And, above all, to show enough curiosity about the world to want to know the answers to some of these questions — not to win arguments, but because the world is a fascinating place.”

If you want to check out the full article, click here.



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