The 2nd R

The 2nd R is symbolized by the yo-yo which in this case, is represented by the yo-yo. Repetition is key to learning. Often, people equate successful learning with the duration of the time spent on the material but what is really important is the frequency of the review time.

7rs repetitionInstead of having a training class that lasts for 8 hours, your trainees would be better off hearing and learning the training content over a period of several days instead of all at once. Although flooding trainees with a lot of information can still result in passing test scores if the tests are given immediately after the material is presented, little of the information will be remembered. If the same test was given a few weeks after the class, the test scores would not be as good. The most important thing to remember is that Frequency > Duration. Repetition is sometimes called distributed practice and this will go much further in helping your trainees to remember the training class content after the class is finished.

Do you remember yesterday’s “R”?  Looking at the illustration, it should come right back to you. Repeating in your mind what you learned yesterday, and especially thinking about how you will use that in your training classes, will help you to retain that information.

Check back tomorrow for the 3rd R.


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