The 5th R

The 5th R to increase retention of your safety training classes is Re-Evaluation.

7rs re-eval

Re-Evaluation also covers pre-evaluation, mid-evaluation and all other times you test the knowledge of trainees. Studies have shown that the more often you test trainees (and yourself if you are trying to learn something), the better they will remember the training content. Even if the trainees know none of the answers in a pre-evaluation, the mere act of testing them first will help them to remember the training content longer. Most Trainers will do some kind of evaluation at the end of a class, but what about the middle? An evaluation can take the form of a training activity or game during the class. This will allow you as the trainer to know what trainees understand and where you may need to provide additional information. Instant feedback on whether trainees are getting it! How cool is that? After the class has ended, sending additional short evaluations days after the trainees have left the class, will continue to help the trainees remember the information longer.

Test yourself now. What were the first 4Rs talked about in the previous posts?


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