The 6th R

The 6th R of Making Safety Training Stick is Recycle. When you think of recycling you likely think about putting your paper, plastic, glass and metal items into a special container so they can be re-used again. Recycling training materials is very much the same. You are taking the training content you already have and putting it into a different form to be used again. This provides your trainees with the opportunity to be exposed to the training information again (repetition) and it also provides reinforcement.

7rs recycle

For example, if you have a 10 question quiz for a safety training topic, you could break it down into 10 separate emails, each one asking one of the ten questions. You can also turn these ten questions into a flashcard activity.  You could also recycle the ten questions into images and post them in the work area as a way of reinforcing material already learned.

There are many more possibilities and you are only limited by your imagination.

Have you recycled training materials? What have you come up with?


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