The fancy new home decor – the fire extinguisher

Too many fire extinguishers end up in the back of a closet because they really aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing things to look at. Well, someone has decided to make them look like home decor with the hope that they will be left out where they will be more accessible.  Sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? There are a lot of designs available at

PS – They are a bit pricey but is it worth it?


I love books – even the weird ones

screenshot_955.pngI am a fan of Abe Books. If you aren’t familiar with it, it can be a great alternative to Amazon, especially if you are looking for something older and don’t care if it’s brand new.  I have found you can find everything there and I have bought some old first aid and safety books from the 20’s to use in presentations and as gifts.

Abe Books published a list of some of their most unusual books which I am currently fascinated with. Who would have known there would be entire books on the History of Concrete Roofing Tiles ? or Favorite Flies? or Stray Shopping Carts?  Check out the books highlighted here and if you have some time, search around and I bet you’ll find some safety books you just can’t live without.

A Not So New Safety Blog

Thanks for checking out my “new” blog. I say “new” because it’s not really new. I’ve been posting on and off for years on various blogging platforms so I decided to finally settle on one place to post everything from safety training resources, announcements, interesting safety articles, opinion pieces, book reviews, ideas for consultants and of course free safety training games and activities. I named this blog Safety Dance because it is intended to celebrate all things safety. If you are like me, you probably look at everything you see very differently because you know safety.  I hope to share some of these things that I find with you because one of the best ways for a field of study to progress is to look at other fields to see where there may be overlaps. I hope you share your ideas too. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will join the discussion.